Travel Top Five: Tips for Travelling Light

Travel Top Five: Tips for Travelling Light

Posted by Cristina Correas on

The ability to travel light seems to be the golden ring every business traveler is reaching for. Some have the knack for it, while others struggle. Here are a few tips to help you choose what to bring with you on your next trip. For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming you want to avoid baggage fees, skip the luggage carousel, and be in control of your experience from start to finish.


Number one, truly, is plan what you’re going to wear and stick to it. You may think you need an extra outfit for a special occasion, but unless you’re attending a formal event that requires certain attire, you can pretty much wear anything else you’ve planned and it’s going to be sufficient. If you want to be successful at traveling light, take a hard look at what you must have versus what would be nice to have. Then keep the former and leave the latter.


Next, learn the art of packing by color family or using neutrals interchangeably. For example, if you know you need to dress warmly where you’re going, choose your favorite sweater that’s appropriate for all the engagements you have. If said sweater is navy, then everything else you pack should coordinate with navy. Creating an entire week’s worth of outfits using black, white, and khaki is another option that lets you mix and match without looking like you’re wearing the same clothes over and over again. Trust us, no one will notice.


Number three involves laundry. If you’re going to be gone more than four days, consider choosing items that can be washed easily or sent to the hotel dry cleaning service instead of packing another pair of pants or another shirt.


Fourth, choose the number of shoes you really need. Yes, options are nice, but we’re also creatures of habit. You may think you’re going to wear those heels because you’re dressing to impress, then opt for the comfortable shoes at the last minute. On the other hand, if you’re not sure if those brown shoes will go with that charcoal suit, ask someone (hint: yes, they do) before you decide they’re the only pair of dress shoes you’re going to pack.


Finally, think through your luggage options. Since you’ve done all the hard work to be as swank as possible with your outfits, it would be a shame to weigh yourself down with the wrong bag. Don’t just blindly grab a standard carry-on. 

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