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There’s so much new technology for business travellers these days, it’s making business travel both easier and more complicated.

Video conferences, conference calls, uploading and downloading files, sending and receiving emails. Whatever needs to be done, has to be done by certain deadlines too. And there’s always the drive to always be working, because you can do all this with your laptop and a wifi connection, or even on your mobile phone.

That’s why knowing about the latest technology for business travelers means you can get things done in a timely, effective fashion. And have time to maybe enjoy a little of the trip for yourself.

Here are a few aspects of technology every business traveler should know.



There’s so much data flying through the air — money is being transferred, video conferences are happening, emails are being sent, and important files are being uploaded and downloaded.

 All of these are prime targets for hackers, crooks, and corporate espionage types.

That’s why cybersecurity is so critical. Most businesses have taken steps to protect themselves, but the weak link is the business traveler who thinks nothing of logging onto the hotel wifi or the “FREE AIRPORT WIFI” connection before their flight.

If you only do one thing for cybersecurity, make sure it’s a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is an encrypted connection that is developed between a device and another server, making it nearly impossible for others to access the information within the VPN.

It’s like a tunnel that goes from your laptop/phone to your company server, a website, or a cloud-based server. Get a VPN and keep it running all the time. If your company has a VPN, use that whenever you need to log into your company servers.



Losing information can be devastating. If you’re carrying important files in a briefcase, and you lose that briefcase, some of that information may be irreplaceable. The same is true if you have proprietary information on a laptop, and your laptop gets stolen.

This is why storing your information on the cloud and having multiple backups of proprietary information will make a lost computer or stolen briefcase nothing more than an annoyance. An expensive, time-consuming annoyance, to be sure. But it’s an inconvenience, not the end of the world.

These things can and do happen, and that’s why getting the best backup and storage technology will assure continued accessibility to your data.

For example, if you have an iPhone, you have access to Apple’s iCloud services. Your documents, photos, notes, and contacts are all stored in the cloud, so even if you lost and replaced your phone today, that information is still safe.

Similarly, if you have a Gmail address, you have access to Google Drive, which means you can store and upload/download documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and photos to it. Plus you can access those files from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, regardless of the operating system. As long as you have wifi, you have access to your information.



Convenience is king for business travelers. Ideally, you don’t want to let your emails stack up while you’re traveling for four days, you don’t want to miss any phone calls, and you want to be able to access data and information wherever you are.

Airlines are making it easier for travelers to use their mobile phones while they fly, as well as while they wait in the airport. Business hotels are getting faster and faster wifi. And it’s nearly impossible to find a coffee shop or fast food restaurant that doesn’t have wifi.

There are even hotels that place a tablet in every room. The tablet allows the guest to control different amenities of the room directly from the tablet. Other hotels are making it possible to check in and open your room door right from your phone. And don’t forget checking in and passing through TSA with your mobile boarding pass.

Technology for business travelers is making it much easier for you to be out of the office without interrupting your work flow. The only time you might be unavailable is when you’re actually on your flight, and even that is becoming less of a problem.

If you travel regularly for business, make sure you have access to your data in the cloud, are using a VPN on all your devices for increased security, and see if there are places to use your mobile device to expedite your business travel.

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A laptop at Osaka International Airport. There's all kinds of new technology for business travelers these days.