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2-Wheel vs 4-Wheel Luggage

Rollaboard vs. Spinner Luggage comparison highlighting rollaboard suitcase next to spinner suitcase

Are you trying to decide between a Rollaboard® suitcase and a Spinner suitcase? Let us help you make the best choice for your needs! We’ve looked closely at the pros and cons of 2-wheeled vs. 4-wheeled luggage, so you can have all the information you need to decide which type of suitcase is best for you.

From maximum packing space to baggage carousel pileups, make sure you get the size, shape, colour, and material that will be able to handle all of your travels. Once aesthetics are removed from the equation, and you've determined the suitcase size you need, a crucial problem remains...

Have you ever wondered how travellers managed to get their luggage to their destinations decades ago? From heavy trunks to shoulder-breaking suitcases, their journeys must have been exhausting. However, all that changed when commercial airline pilot and founder of Travelpro®, Bob Plath, invented the Rollaboard® luggage. With its two wheels, Bob's innovation was designed to make it easier for his fellow crewmembers to travel - and when passengers saw the convenience of the wheeled bags, the demand for it exploded!

Since its introduction, the iconic Rollaboard® has come a long way, becoming an indispensable travel equipment for the modern jet-setter. Nowadays, four-wheeled bags, known as spinner luggage, have overtaken two-wheeled models in popularity. And why not? Spinner luggage offers unbeatable convenience, and Travelpro® spinners are some of the best-selling and highest-rated bags available.

For those of us who may not be aware, when choosing the ideal wheel count for luggage, two is often the preferable option - even though more may seem better.
Let us demystify the puzzle so you can figure out which suitcase is the perfect choice for you!

The age-old debate of "To roll or not to roll?" is no longer the question – the real difficulty lies in whether a 2-wheel or 4-wheel suitcase is the superior option.

The answer: It depends.

Two-Wheeled Suitcases (Rollaboard® Luggage) vs Four-Wheeled Suitcases (Spinner Luggage)

Choosing the right suitcase isn't a one-size-fits-all decision - it's personal. Whether you opt for a Rollaboard® or a spinner, your choice should be based on comfort, utility, packing needs, and travel style. It's all about how you roll, so choose a 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled bag accordingly. You don't have to be an airline pilot to know the benefits of a suitcase that rolls - make sure you choose the one that rolls best for you!


Let's clear up a myth: people may think Spinners are newer than Rollaboard® luggage, thus better. Not so! Both types of rolling suitcases have their advantages. The actual innovation and technology depend on the maker and the model rather than the number of wheels.

No doubt, spinner suitcases were introduced to the world much later than our iconic Rollaboard® suitcases were created. Yet, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled bags have their distinct purpose - so we still manufacture multiple varieties of Rollaboard® suitcases even today!

While there are other differences, Travelpro® Rollaboard luggage is built with the same practical features and innovative technologies as its close spinner luggage.

Comfort and Companions

As you pull a two-wheeled suitcase behind you at an angle, in contrast to rolling alongside you like its four-wheeled spinner counterparts, your arm is optimally positioned down by your side. At the same time, the extension handle is held backwards in your hand.

Travelling with a spinner requires a bit of technique; keep your arm bent at a 90-degree angle in front of you and use your shoulder muscles to push it forward. Although you can pull it, the spinner is designed to be pushed, which many travellers opt for. Pushing and pulling the spinner employ your muscles differently, but the smooth rolling wheels ensure a comfortable journey no matter your choice.

Carry all your belongings with ease! With a Rollaboard® and its companion bag, you can stack or attach the additional luggage with the same ease. The stacking strap of the smaller bag will fit around the extension handle of your rolling bag, keeping it safe and secure.

With a J-hook attached to the top handle, you can transform your Rollaboard® suitcase into a wheeled bag that can accommodate other travel essentials like totes and coolers - something you may have noticed being part of airline crewmembers' uniform!

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On the Move

When it's time to go, ensure you're ready to roll with Rollaboard® luggage! Its two-wheel design features larger wheels than the four-wheel models, so you get a smoother ride - a result of simple physics!

If speed is the game's name, a 2-wheeled bag is your ticket to success. Whether you're navigating airport and train terminals, urban avenues or sprawling parking lots, a Rollaboard® is your ultimate ally in reaching your destination with lightning speed.

Say goodbye to the days of clunky and heavy suitcases! Instead, spinner suitcases are all about agility, allowing you to maneuver through a bustling airport effortlessly. With wheels on each corner, you'll have 360 degrees of motion at your fingertips – perfect for weaving through the check-in and security queues. Our Platinum® Elite or Crew™ models take this concept to the next level, boasting our revolutionary Precision Glide™ system with eight MagnaTrac® self-aligning spinner wheels and an adjustable Power Scope extension handle with patented Contour Grip for maximum control.

You won’t get the speed or precision of a two-wheeled suitcase with a spinner bag, but the freedom of motion is unmatched. With a spinner, you’ll easily be able to maneuver around whatever obstacles you encounter along the way without breaking you.


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When Size Matters

When it comes to packing overhead bins, two-wheeled bags have the upper hand; their wheels are tucked away so they virtually blend in with the profile of the luggage case, though this varies by manufacturer.
When travelling, don't let your luggage be the cause of disappointment. Investing in Travelpro® luggage, crafted with airline size requirements in mind, will help ensure your under-seat carry-on and Carry on Bags fits perfectly in the designated spots. Don't forget to double-check that the specifications of your chosen luggage match the airline's requirements and your expectations to avoid having your belongings taken away onboard.
Mentioning the fact that 2-wheeled bags have recessed wheels, meaning they don't protrude as much as the 4-wheel spinner models, Rollaboard® wheels become more resilient to damage from baggage handlers and general wear and tear. But Travelpro® isn't compromising on quality - from Rollaboards to spinners and all non-rolling companion luggage, Travelpro® is synonymous with resilience and durability.

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Wheels Down

The best luggage to suit you is a matter of individual taste, so knowing your choices is important. Your bags will be your faithful travel partner on each journey, so pick out something that fits your trip necessities. The perfect bag should make your journey easier and more enjoyable.