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How Can I Reset My Luggage Lock?

Resetting a combination luggage lock is easy if you’re entering a new combination for the first time or changing a known combination. The process is more complicated if you have forgotten the combination. Here’s how to handle each of those situations.

How to Create a New Password With A New TSA Lock

Traveling using a TSA-approved lock’s factory setting is risky — it’s like using ‘password’ as an online password, so you should enter a new combination before traveling. You may also want to change your combination to keep someone who knows your password out of your bag.

Changing an Integrated TSA Lock Password

Changing the password for suitcases with integrated TSA locks requires a slightly different approach:

  • Set the lock dial to 0000 or your current password.
  • Slide the release button towards the dials to confirm the lock will release. 
  • Insert a pointy object, such as a glass repair screwdriver, into the reset button. You do not need to hold the button down.
  • Set the deal to the new password. 
  • Poised the release button towards the dials to confirm the new code. The reset button will click and release if you set the code correctly. 
  • Test the new password by turning the dials to a number other than the new code, then push the release button. The dials should not release. 
  • Insert the bag's zipper tabs into their slots while the preferred number is displayed. The tabs should release.

Once you get the lock open, remember the combination or add it to your phone. A common traveler's trick is to add a fake name and phone number to their phone’s contact list, using the combination for the last number of the phone number.

TSA-approved luggage locks provide the most protection when paired with high-quality, well-made luggage.